Our update concerning the Covid-19 Virus

Our customers know us as some of the cleanest and best smelling pet stores in the area. For the past 11 years we have prided ourselves on the cleanliness and safety of our stores. With the spread of the Corona Virus we have made enhancements to our daily cleaning schedule to focus specifically on this threat.

We are sterilizing all “human touched” surfaces to our cleaning procedures. Basically if there is the possibility that a human hand could touch a surface it will be cleaned with an approved sterilizing agent after each customer.

We will still use our Veterinarian approved cleaners for all pet touched surfaces: table, tubs, kennels and tools; between each customer’s pets. And the full facility is being disinfected against the virus at the end of each business day.

As a team we have had numerous discussions on the best practices for personal hygiene and social distancing as well so that we can stay healthy and not be a source of spread to you, our customers.

As the store where you get your pets’ essentials keeping our business open for you is critical and we want you to know that we are going to be here.

If you feel uncomfortable coming into the store please let us know. We can arrange for curbside drop off and pick up for you.

Obviously this is an evolving situation and we are going to maintain awareness to what is happening and adjust our processes as the situation warrants.

Watch this space for any updates and in the meantime stay safe, stay sane and wash your hands often and remember we love you.